40 Years of Midwinter Day

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@TenderButtonsPress (Insta) and @TendHerButtons (Twitter) will celebrate live in Albany with Bernadette. Follow us and please share! Join in one of dozens of events around the country or make your own!

40 years of Midwinter Day: December 22nd, 2018. A solstice-holiday poetry ritual.

For this year’s winter solstice we invite you to join us under the full moon in Cancer, the sign of the home, for a reading of Bernadette Mayer’s classic poem Midwinter Day.

Contemporary poets have a ritual of reading on this day Mayer’s epic ode to the daily ritual divided in six parts: dreams, morning, noontime, afternoon, evening and night.

Please join us! Events are located throughout the country, or make your own! Please help celebrate by sharing on social media: #MidwinterDay #BernadetteMayer #PoetrySolstice.

It’s been a long year. Make your longest night one of renewed celebration of the gifts of love, family, home and the everyday.

Grab an excerpt of Midwinter Day here. Or better, buy a copy here.

Events Planned for December 22, 2018

Akron, OH Hive Mind - 5PM

Albany, NY Hudson River Coffee House featuring Bernadette Mayer - 12:30PM

Atlanta, GA Private residence. Email nicksturm00 at gmail for info - 6PM // Buffalo, NY Private residence. Email kevin dot thurston at gmail for info - 1PM // Chicago, IL Uncharted Books - 2PM // Glasgow, Scotland Category Is Books - 7PM // Greenville, SC What Ales You Pub - 3PM // Malmö, Sweden Östervärns Antikvariat & Bokhandel - 13CEST // Milwaukee, WI Woodland Pattern - 3PM // Minneapolis, MN Wolf House - 2PM // New York, NY Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop - 12PM // Philadelphia, PA A-Space - 2PM // Portland, OR Passages Bookshop - 7PM // Raleigh, NC Lump - 1PM // Toronto, ON Workshop with Hoa Nguyen - 2PM // Washington, DC RhizomeDC - 1PM

Please email BeccaKlaver at Gmail to add an event listing & check the latest info here!

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