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All Tender Buttons Books in full in one 620 page volume...


Celebrating 25 years of Bernadette Mayer's Sonnets!

Sonnets, first published in 1989 as Tender Buttons #1 is widely considered to be one of the most generative and innovative works of contemporary American poetry, radically rethinking the traditional sonnet form. This expanded 25th Anniversary edition includes a new preface by Bernadette Mayer, an editor's note by Tender Buttons Press publisher Lee Ann Brown, and a selection of previously unpublished archival material including the Skinny Sonnets, described as "Hypnogogic Word Playing in Reporters' Notebooks" which further expand our map of Bernadette Mayer's ground-breaking works of writing consciousness.


Patrick Dunagan in Critical Flame on Sonnets & Please Add To This List

"Mayer’s not interested in rules; or, rather: she is very interested in breaking them."

Katy Bohinc's Dear Alain is a headlong, investigative imagined conversation between Poet and Philosopher, a long love poem (or critique?) of letters addressed to French Platonist philosopher, Alain Badiou. As irreducible a work as any poet would antagonize a philosopher with, yet also a metaphor for Badiou's thought, who responds himself with a seductive note.  Bohinc demonstrates how Love, Math, Politics and Poetry are conditions on Philosophy, sexual metaphors intended, and poetry is everything.

"She's terrific, and I don't even think very often about Alain Badiou…It's a very good book and I'm going to quote it at people." Stephen Burt

"Surely, certainly, amusingly, thoroughly, this book is the perfectly unfaithful book in its loving address to that collapsed beast, philosophy." Lisa Robertson

"This book should be banished!" Slavoj Žižek


"One Plus One," Kevin Killian on Dear Alain

 "Dear Alain convinces me, and will you too, that miracles can happen even in the most blighted of social circumstances and broken civic systems."

A companion *teaching* guide to Bernadette Mayer's works! Included are the first review of Sonnets from Poetry Flash, an expanded version of Bernadette Mayer's Experiments, and a sampling of responses in answer to her call: "Please add to this list."

Contributions by Shanna Compton, Brenda Coultas, Dodie Bellamy, Carole Wagner Greenwood, Jen Hofer, Sophie Seita, Hoa Nguyen, Julie Patton, Kyra Lunenfeld, Sandra Simonds, Stacy Szymaszek, Linda Kozloff-Turner, Maureen Thorson, Lee Ann Brown, Jennifer Karmin, Jan Bohinc, Laynie Browne and Laura Henriksen.

Cover art by Christine Hoa & design by Cassandra Gillig. Edited by Katy Bohinc.


Patrick Dunagan in Critical Flame on Sonnets & Please Add To This List

"The generative nature of Mayer as poet and person is everywhere apparent."