Please Add To This List

Please Add To This List


Please Add To This List: A Guide to Teaching Bernadette Mayer’s Sonnets and Experiments, edited by Katy Bohinc. For poetry teachers, this text introduces young and old to the foundational concepts of experimental poetry.

66 pages printed on 60 pound natural by BookMobile. Cover art “It Could Be Telepathic” by Christine Shan-Shan Hou. Book design by Cassandra Gillig.

ISBN 978-0-927920-08-7 paperback.

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Please Add To This List is a teaching guide for the poetry beginner as well as a collector's item for the aficionado. Please Add publishes -- for the first time in book form -- leading American experimental poet Bernadette Mayer's ars poetica, Experiments, a list of inventive ideas on how to write a poem. Responses to this wildly creative list by poetry naifs and contemporary writers proves the muse-like quality of Mayer's Experiments and its influence on contemporary poetics. Please Add is taught widely throughout the United States in introductory courses on poetry, and equally esteemed by collectors of American poetics history. Also includes the first-ever review of Mayer's Sonnets, "Making Strange," by Dawn Michelle-Baude.