Katy Bohinc's Dear Alain

Katy Bohinc's Dear Alain

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Katy Bohinc’s celebrated Dear Alain, love letters to the world-leading philosopher Alain Badiou. Includes Badiou’s initial response to the work.

222 pages printed on 50 pound white by BookMobile. Cover design by Cassandra Gillig. Interior design by Wayne Smith.

ISBN 978-0-927920-11-7 paperback; 978-0-927920-12-4 hardcover.

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2,000 years ago poets were banished from the Republic by Plato. Were a poet and philosopher to meet in a bar today, what would the poet say after all these years?


The resulting epistolary poems -- addressed to leading Western philosopher, Alain Badiou -- are at once a metaphor for the relationship between poetry and philosophy, a musing on the possibility of love in the modern age, and a challenge to the authority and absolutism of Western male philosophical practice.

Dear Alain is both "a psycho-sexual Lacanian thriller," according to psychoanalyst Jamieson Webster and an accredited representation of Badiou's work, using Badiou's four "conditions" on philosophy: love, politics, math and poetry. No matter how the work is framed, ultimately the story rests in "Katya's" agency, her self-liberation from the mirror, or prison, of his writing --- with her own writing, something like a long, inquisatory, subtle sext message.