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by Bernadette Mayer

Sonnets hardcover, 120 pages: 978-0927920063  *  Sonnets paperback, 122 pages: 978-0927920056
Please Add To This List paperback, 66 pages: 978-0927920087


I looked through my past poems in the morning and discovered I’d been writing the always somehow peripheral sonnet all along without understanding the forms of brief conclusive thought the poems had been taking so often in 14 lines without me.  How serious notorious and public a form, to think you could find the solution to a problem or an ending to an observation in one brief moment—a fraction of an abreaction or the science of the pattern of crumbs appearing on the table from the eating of a loaf of bread.  Why are we as human beings so sturdy?  How can we conscion existence much less love?

-Bernadette Mayer, 1989


Sonnets, first published in 1989 as Tender Buttons Number 1 is widely considered to be of the most generative and innovative works of contemporary American poetry, radically rethinking the traditional Sonnet form.  This expanded 25th Anniversary edition includes a new preface by Bernadette Mayer,  an editor's note by Tender Buttons Press publisher Lee Ann Brown, and a selection of previously unpublished archival material including the Skinny Sonnets, described as "Hypnogogic Word Playing in Reporter's Notebooks" which further expand our map of Bernadette Mayer's ground-breaking works of writing consciousness.


Please Add To This List

Teaching Bernadette Mayer’s Sonnets and Experiments

To compliment the Expanded 25th Anniversary edition of Sonnets, a book for students, teachers, poets and aficionados alike: Please Add To This List: Teaching Bernadette Mayer’s Sonnets and Experiments. Includes an original version of Bernadette Mayer's Experiments, the first review of Sonnets from Poetry Flash, and several response poems from conversations new and ongoing with Mayer's work. 

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