Dear Alain

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Katy Bohinc's Dear Alain is a headlong, investigative imagined conversation between Poet and Philosopher, a long love poem (or critique?) of letters addressed to French Platonist philosopher, Alain Badiou. As irreducible a work as any poet would antagonize a philosopher with, yet also a metaphor for Badiou's thought, who responds himself with a seductive note.  Bohinc demonstrates how Love, Math, Politics and Poetry are conditions on Philosophy, sexual metaphors intended, and poetry is everything.


 "I could locate Katy in a selection of lineages, from the Trobairitz, to Renaissance polymaths, to the Beats, or the women of the New York School, but what I find most compelling and enduring in the stresses of her poetry is a resistance to historicize, a concentration on the force that has no need, but pulls oneself outside of time, and the demand for emotion as gnosis, as vehicle — overriding while destroying, defining the mind’s structures — feeling not as deviant, but fire." --Alana Siegel, Journal of Poetics Research


"She's terrific, and I don't even think very often about Alain Badiou…It's a very good book and I'm going to quote it at people." --Stephen Burt, Harvard Poetry Critic


"Surely, certainly, amusingly, thoroughly, this book is the perfectly unfaithful book in its loving address to that collapsed beast, philosophy." --Lisa Robertson, author of Cinema of the Present


"This book should be banished!" Slavoj Žižek

"Ecstasy over Atheism,"

Alana Siegel on Dear Alain



"It really is possible to kill your philosophy daddies or at the very least confuse the hell out of them."

Sandra Simonds in Best American Poetry Blog on Dear Alain


 "Dear Alain convinces me, and will you too, that miracles can happen even in the most blighted of social circumstances and broken civic systems."

"One Plus One," Kevin Killian on Dear Alain



"You have a talking to instead of at"

an epistolary review of Dear Alain

Mat Laporte in Lemonhound



"Is that Žižek blurb real?"

Open Letters Monthly's Maureen Thorson interviews Katy Bohinc on Dear Alain



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