Bernadette Mayer


Celebrating 25 Years!

The  Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition

with archival material and Skinny Sonnets

Hardcover: $30          Paperback: $18

To compliment the Expanded 25th Anniversary edition of Sonnets, a book for students, teachers, poets and aficionados alike: Please Add To This List: Teaching Bernadette Mayer’s Sonnets and Experiments. Includes an original version of Bernadette Mayer's Experiments, the first review of Sonnets from Poetry Flash, as well as several response poems from conversations new and ongling with Mayer's work. 

Katy Bohinc

Dear Alain

A long poem in love letters addressed to Alain Badiou. What does the poet say to the philosopher and in what language, after these 2,000 years?  Available Now


Hardcover: $30          Paperback: $18




Dear Alain,

Your own rules irk you? Touché. I enjoy the less structured anyway. Shall you admit 50 shades of capitalism, S&M, Sartre? Isn’t philosophy a scheduled distribution of power?

Sorry, I’ll be good.

They say in the next life the philosopher is a dancer. I say in the next life the poet is a janitor. Will you come with me?

I’m with whiskey. Would you like some?


Forthcoming Tender Buttons 2015



Julie Ezelle Patton


It is with great joy that Tender Buttons Press will be publishing in Spring 2015 the long-awaited, long-celebrated, long-rumored to b long-in-the-works long poem by Julie Ezelle Patton:  B.



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