On Lawn of Excluded Middle: Author's Note


The law of excluded middle is a venerable old law of logic. But much must be said against its claim that everything must be either true or false.


The idea that women cannot think logically is not so old venerable sterotype. As an example of thinking, I don’t think we need to discuss it. 


Lawn of Excluded Middle plays with the idea of woman as the excluded middle. Women, and more particularly, the womb, the empty center of the woman’s body, the locus of fertility.


This is not a syllogism.


This is a syllogism. 


Poetry: an alternate less linear logic.


Wittgenstein makes language with its ambiguities the ground of philosophy. His games are played on the Lawn of Excluded Middle.


The picture of the world drawn by classical physics conflicts with the picture drawn by quantum theory. As A.S. Eddington says we use classical physics on Monday, Wednesday,  Friday and quantum theory on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.


For Newton, the apple has a perplexing habit of falling. In another frame of reference, Newton is buffeted up toward the apple at rest. 


The gravity of love encompasses ambivalence.


Lawn of Excluded Middle was republished as part of the trilogy

Curves to the Apple (New Directions)

along with The Reproduction of Profiles & Reluctant Gravities


Lawn of Excluded Middle is also available in the

T E N D E R   O M N I B U S

Katy Bohinc