FROM THE AUTHOR: 2014 Sonnets Author's Note

Since it's been so long since the sonnets have been published by Tender Buttons, I'll tell you what I've learned since: tender button is a euphemism for the clitoris; chipmunks eat mice; mugwort is a member of the artemisia plant family; there are mountain lions around East Nassau, New York; Langston Hughes made money from poetry; many of the people who explored Tutankhamun's tomb died of heart things; Disney's real name was D'Isne; you can fly if you have the right philosophy; Trader Joe's is run by the same German family as Aldi's; there's a cloud formation that looks like a flying saucer; a lot of the X-Files are playful; Kevin Bacon was in the first Friday the 13th movie; the same 'reason' I thought I could help change the world is the 'reason' I thought the sonnet form would lead to a 'conclusion'. See my website ( Something I always knew is it's all Aristotle's fault. Cahokia is/was a B.C. city near St. Louis where 25,000 native Americans lived; capitalism is the culprit, never doubt it; now that I've outlived my parents, I feel that I'm less finite than before. The solution to caring for hanging plants is to buy new ones whenever you need to. Or, hang them upside down in a water bath without losing the potting soil. The polar vortex wobbles because of global warming and it winds up here or there. Senselessly green men drink depth charges.

Bernadette Mayer, July 11, 2014, East Nassau, NY

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