Digital Edition: Katy Bohinc's Dear Alain

Digital Edition: Katy Bohinc's Dear Alain


2,000 years ago poets were banished from the Republic by Plato. Were a poet and philosopher to meet in a bar today, what would the poet say after all these years?

The resulting epistolary poems -- addressed to leading Western philosopher, Alain Badiou -- are at once a metaphor for the relationship between poetry and philosophy, a musing on the possibility of love in the modern age, and a challenge to the authority and absolutism of Western male philosophical practice.

Dear Alain is both "a psycho-sexual Lacanian thriller," according to psychoanalyst Jamieson Webster and an accredited representation of Badiou's work, using Badiou's four "conditions" on philosophy: love, politics, math and poetry. No matter how the work is framed, ultimately the story rests in "Katya's" agency, her self-liberation from the mirror, or prison, of his writing-- with her own writing, something like a long, inquisatory, subtle sext message.