YAY LEE ANN BROWN! Judith E. Wilson Fellow / September @ TORN PAGE September 06 2017

Say Farewell to Lee Ann Brown, prior to her year in the UK for the Judith E. Wilson Poetry Fellowship at Cambridge University!


Sunday September 10th begins

Shakespearian Motley College Poetry Workshop with Filip Marinovich:

To be or not to be actualized by the myriad Bard of Arden strategies for resisting and transforming tyrrany into Joy of Resistance and Change. 

  1. Will meet Sundays 3-6pm (we will meet Sept 17 then skip a week to reconvene Oct 1 and so on)

  2. Invite all your friends to any of these sessions!

  3. These first three sessions are free, then it's a hundred dollars per person for the whole semester, which you won't find anywhere else in New York City. Highly recommended! Jewel of a gathering!

  4. For workshop info, please email Filip Marinovich <filipwithanf@yahoo.comwith any questions, or persona statements, and to let him know if you can make it!

Book Party David Yaffe's Prodigal Daughter,

Friday, September 15th, 7pm-9pm @ TORNPAGE:
a biography of Joni Mitchell out from FSG this Fall

Opening Reception of Berndette Mayer's "Memory"
Friday, September 15th,
6pm-8pm @ CANADA:
Showing at Canada Gallery Sept 8 - Oct 8
333 Broome Street, NY NY 10002


Fence Launch!
Saturday September 16th
 6pm-9pm @TORNPAGE:

A party for a brand new issue of Fence, plus celebrating three Fence Books authors

Steven Alvarez

Martin Corless-Smith

Harmony Holiday


Psychedelic Eclipse Poetry
Sunday, September 24th @ ALCHEMISTS KITCHEN:

at Alchemist's Kitchen
w/ Lee Ann Brown, Tony Torn, Katy Bohinc,
Hillary Keel, Bob Holman, Brown Jackson Meazle, Vito Ricci & More!

Also, look out for more Poetry at the Chateau, dates forthcoming...



-----435 w.22nd Street btw 9 and 10 avenues-----
"Luminous heritage nerve center of Soul Theater
Geraldine Page Rip Torn Home Vibes Whoa!
Which feels more Twin Peaksy than ever these days!

A very conducive writing room roundtable with good bounce off the reverb walls."

(Filip Marinovich)