Julie Patton

Julie Ezelle Patton is the author of Using Blue To Get Black, Notes for Some (Nominally) Awake, and A Garden Per Verse (or What Else do You Expect from Dirt?) . Julie’s work has appeared in ((eco (lang)(uage(reader)), Critiphoria, and nocturnes. "Room for Opal,” a sound/text installation that Julie created as a Green Horizons Fellow at Bates College, is lovingly explored in Jonathan Skinner’s “Listening with Patton” (ON: Contemporary Practice, 2008). Julie’s performance work, featured at the Stone, Jazz Standard, and noted international venues, emphasizes improvisation, collaboration, and other worldy chora-graphs. She has shape-shifted into a cat-witch for Sop Doll: A Jack Tale Noh (written by Lee Ann Brown and Tony Torn), Desdemona in Othello Syndrome (Uri Caine’s 2009 Grammy nominated CD), a ring-tone (Ravi Coltrane’s At Night), and “Onyx Blackly’s” voice of doom for Barnaby McAll’s Triplum. Her publik dissertation, “Chateau in z’ Ghetto,” is an ArkiTextual dwelling space foregrounding creative utilitarian projects, ill-literacy, ritual maintenance work, neighborhood love-economies, and the familial philosophy of “Making Do” in the urban desert of Cleveland, Ohio. The writing of this “home-ek” project is exhibited, litter-ally and artifactually, in its own Salon des Refusés. Spin-offs of these season-based (unreel) reality shows reflect Julie’s practice as a native plant and green space advocate (“Let It Bee Gardens,” “Rockefeller Park Project,” “Poet Tree Mitigation Works”), market gardener (“Sun Raw”) and eco/arts educator (“Old School”). Julie is a recipient of an Acadia Arts Foundation Grant (2008, 2010), and a New York Foundation for the Arts Poetry Fellowship (2007). Julie has taught at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art, Naropa, Teachers & Writers Collaborative and Schule für Dichtung (Vienna, Austria). She lives in the “East Pillage” of New York City and periodically frequents Detroit with guitarist Paul Van Curen for music, activism and a new New York.


It is with great joy that forthcoming from Tender Buttons Press

is the long-awaited, long-celebrated, long-rumored to b long-in-the-works long poem

by Julie Ezelle Patton | “B”.

Katy Bohinc